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Project Description

This is a file type plugin for Paint.NET that allows reading and writing of JPEG XR (aka HD Photo) image files. There has been an HD Photo plugin before, developed by Rick Brewster, that is no longer being maintained, however. That's why I decided to rewrite it and add some minor improvements (jxr file extension support, option to save as 8bpp grayscale, fixed and much improved metadata support).

Read support

Almost all pixel formats supported by JPEG XR can be loaded. However, Paint.NET requires the image to be stored as 32bpp BGRA in memory, so other source image formats will be converted first if required (this means you'll loose HDR data for example).

Write support

You can save images in the following pixel formats:
  • 8bpp (grayscale)
  • 24bpp RGB
  • 32bpp BGRA (alpha channel)
Optionally, you can retain the Exif metadata from your source image (if present) and apply it to your JPEG XR image. To do that, check the appropriate setting in the save file dialog. This could be handy if you edit JPEG images from your camera and want to resave them as JPEG XR. NOTE: This should work with most metadata tags, but hasn't been tested thoroughly.


Installing the plugin is easy. Follow the steps described in the official documentation. Also make sure you have installed the .NET Framework 3.5.

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